Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tell 'Em Why You Mad Son

So we are back from MIA...all tanned and beautiful. Trust, we didn't want to leave and face reality.  But before we begin talkin about our trip, let me tell you of a situation that has already occurred. So my boo thing hits me up yesterday. Here is the convo as follows: 

Him: Yo wass good with all these n*ggas pic
Me: What are you talkin about? lol 
Him: I am not laughin, wtf. 
Me: Lol we were being stupid 
Him: Ok, I don't wanna hear that sh*t
Me: Aww baby, u know I missed you. 
Him: Whatever. Looks like u had a lil too much fun... 
[Two hours later]
Me: What are you doing up?
Him: Finding chicks in MIA
Me: Stupid. You busy? Can I call you?
Him: Call one of your Miami boos......Wit Some Ni**a in the club with his shirt up.
Me: But, I missed you baby. 
Him: Good night

hahahhaahha...He is salty.... I like when they get jealous.

Mission Accomplished. 

Thats what she said.

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  1. Can't hate on you we do it to ya'll too