Friday, March 20, 2009


Hey guys the Queen Bee is finally recovering (barely) from our Fabulous Vaca on South Beach and CHILD I left with more than a tan and a hangover.

I came home with a Crush. Something I havent had in years.He is my type to the T. His honesty is refreshing, his accent is charming and I just want more.I can't believe I'm typing this (especially since he knows about the blog).

Its one of those things that bring you back to those highschool days. Sharing secrets on the phone, reminiscing on the SHORT time we spent together....AND guess what? He lives far far away! Just My Luck!

Well at least its the same coast. Anyways,as of now we are working out a way to see each other and see what happens. You know us ladies like to jump to conclusions but I'm happy right now just being happy TODAY, who knows what tomorrow will bring.

Honestly who knows where this goes but for the time being its So Very refreshing.


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